Palm Beach Illustrated - January 1998
Cyber Camp

How do you combine the power of the Internet with campfire ghost stories and kickball games?

Just ask Boca entrepreneurs Nancy Diamond and Kim Bregman, creators of the World Wide Web's most comprehensive guide to camps.

The women are a perfect match. Diamond, 45, has the media background, including a stint as one of MTV's first producers. Bregman, 40, has the business and technological know-how as a former computer consultant. And both have camp age children.

"We are business women, but we are also moms," Diamond says. "We thought that a camp directory on the Web would be perfect for parents juggling their time and still trying to make the tough decision of summer camp for their children."

They were right. Diamond and Bregman's Kids' Camps site has become wildly popular, drawing more than a million hits per month to its listing of more than 8,000 programs - and to its many custom-designed Web pages - from music camps in upstate New York to science camps in California to day camps right around the corner. The site has been honored with the industry's highest accolades, including a 1996 Best Web Site award from Home PC Magazine, and has earned kudos for its family-oriented policies of refusing advertisements from tobacco, alcohol and similar companies.

In fact, the Kids' Camps' site - - has become so successful that Diamond and Bregman have launched Grown Up Camps, a fast-growing site devoted to weeklong tennis clinics, personal enrichment weekend getaways and other adult experiences.

The additional work suits Diamond and Bregman just fine.

"We are workaholics - the more stuff that comes across this office, the happier we are," admits Bregman, as she and her partner head back to the computers. "This has all been very exciting for us."